Cybernet Independence Day Celebrations 2014

Cybernet Independence Day Celebrations 2014

August 14, 2014

Cybernet and RapidCompute celebrated Pakistan’s Independence Day in its offices across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Every employee was dressed in shades of green and white, which symbolizes Pakistan’s national colors. There was a Message Wall stationed at the Karachi Head Office where every employee could write their Independence Day wishes. A strong undercurrent of patriotism ran throughout the facilities as they reconnected with each other and remembered the sacrifices made by their forefathers.

The celebrations converged at the Head Office as Mr. Maroof Ali Shahani (General Manager, Corporate Sales) delivered a short speech. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Shahani asked everyone to introspect on how they were “giving back to the country” and how were they “benefitting their fellow countrymen”. He outlined the importance of being emphatic towards people in our society and how a single man can start a ripple effect even with a small act of kindness. It was heartening to see the leadership of Cybernet inspire its people to rejoice and appreciate the spirit of altruism.

The event drew to a close with refreshments and group pictures.

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