Sybrid Pvt. Ltd. and RapidCompute partner to bring cloud based IP PABX solutions

Sybrid Pvt. Ltd. and RapidCompute partner to bring cloud based IP PABX solutions

October 25, 2017

Syhox offers technology solutions around PABX, surveillance and enterprise product offerings; all hosted on the RapidCompute cloud platform.

Earlier this week, RapidCompute and Sybrid Pvt. Ltd signed a MoU for their new product offering called Syhox. The solution provides IP PABX capabilities and controls without the need of high investment on equipment and complicated operational expertise; making it a cost effective replacement of the traditional propriety hardware PBX.

With Syhox, the entire responsibility of the voice system operations, its maintenance, as well as routing services, is taken care of by Sybrid’s round the clock support team. This solution can keep everyone connected, without them dealing with the hassle of planning, maintenance or upgradation.

One of the best features of Syhox is that it is designed for all organizations that operate a call center, irrespective of their capacity and size. This means whether a customer has a branch office environment or is a large enterprise; they can benefit from enhanced flexibility, agility, and scalability.

Present at the ceremony were Mr. Ather Imran, CEO Sybrid Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Danish Lakhani, CEO Cyber Internet Services Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Imran Khan, Division Head, RapidCompute. Speaking at the event, Mr. Ather Imran said, “We are really excited about this partnership with RapidCompute. Syhox has huge potential in the market and can help organizations with seamless upgrades, interoperability and on-the-go upgrades. Sybrid’s efficient PBX solutions, hosted on Pakistan’s most secure cloud platform, makes Syhox a one of a kind product.”

Mr. Danish Lakhani also said, “After seeing firsthand, the performance and usability of the platform, we decided to partner with Sybrid and optimize the setup for the cloud so that our customers can experience the benefit of the platform for their organizations.”

Mr. Imran Khan, Division Head, RapidCompute added” Customers often reached out to us for advice on
using a cost effective, efficient customized voice solution that could rival the feature sets of international vendors but at a more flexible cost and operational model. Syhox provides them just that.”

Also signed were MOU’s to offer cloud based surveillance and contact center solutions that will soon be available to customers in Q1 2018.

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