RapidCompute sponsors the Cloud X360 Crossover

RapidCompute sponsors the Cloud X360 Crossover

October 27, 2017

‘The Mathmatrix of Cloud: White Noise Vs. Real Implement” was the theme of this year’s Cloud X360 Crossover event hosted by IDG. The conference invited forward-looking technology leaders who are able to help their customers maintain competitiveness by merging business ideas to new age technology doctrines. The event included CIOs and IT Managers from Standard Chartered Bank, RapidCompute, Careem, Bank Al Habib and Meezan Bank as speakers; and attracted other top CIOs and senior IT personnel from multiple verticals.

The event aimed at unearthing valuable insights into the cloud’s ability to enable radical business innovation, understanding and transforming the IT organization into a cloud-savvy one, capable of executing a successful cloud agenda, and the discussion on public, private and hybrid cloud.
The forum started off with a keynote speech from Mr. Imran Khan, Managing Director RapidCompute, who spoke on “Running the World on the Cloud”. In his speech, Mr. Imran discussed the evolution of the Pakistani cloud landscape and how we have progressed from a handful of small scale deployments to now over $23 Million in total cloud business in a matter of 6 years. He also discussed how in order to remain competitive, future Pakistani enterprises need to be set to train themselves to be a more fluid workplace by adopting new technologies and platforms like the cloud.

The event included two panel discussions to talk about top industry insights. The first panel invited Mr. Khurram Abid (Head of IT, Standard Chartered Bank) Mr. Baqar Naqvi (Principal Software Engineer, Careem) and Mr. Imran Khan to discuss IoT as an integral part of the future Internet and its basis on communication protocols. The trio spoke about how technology is coming in at breathtaking speeds and addressed the general confusion in organizations on how to best take steps towards gearing the enterprise for the right direction which ties in IT with the long term organizational strategic goals.

The second panel included Mr. Hussein Hassanali Haji (CISO, Bank Al Habib Limited), Mr. Farooq Wahab (CISO, Orion) and Mr. Syed Fahd Azam (CSO, Meezan Bank) to speak about Digital Disruption, IT security and Big Data. These IT gurus talked about the path to a winning next-generation enterprise and how IT leaders should come to explore strategies, trends and solutions for updating their IT infrastructures for the years ahead.

The occasion created a platform not only for creating awareness for the C-suite, but also on how ideas like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things and M2M play out for a company’s technology team.

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