RapidCompute Corporate Singapore Retreat 2017

RapidCompute Corporate Singapore Retreat 2017

November 22, 2017

Earlier this month, the RapidCompute team packed up their bags and headed to Singapore for a few days of fun and relaxation to celebrate a successful year for the company. “Believe. Achieve. Conquer” was the fitting theme for the Singapore Corporate Retreat 2017.

The celebration started off on a serious note with a conference lead by the management and all the team leads. Mr. Imran Khan, Managing Director, RapidCompute began by congratulating the team on their hard work and a phenomenal year for the company. The team leads then talked about each of their departments, their past achievements and their plans and objectives for the upcoming year. The event ended with an open forum and discussion.

The retreat was a fun, enlightening, and a great experience for all. Everyone had a great time exploring Singapore and learning about its history. The employees all came back pumped up, motivated, and proud to be part of the RapidCompute family.

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