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A look inside our Data Centers

Data centers are designed for continuous ICT operations. Today, customers on our Cloud invariably rely on IT equipment and its underlying software for almost all of their daily activities such as communication, storage, navigation, security, and finance.

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Geo Redundancy and High Availability- The benefits are real

Cloud Service Providers in Pakistan today may have the ability to eliminate server malfunction but none of them can keep you online at data center level or city-level points of failure.

Guide to Selecting the Right Cloud Provider

Choosing which cloud service provider is best for your business and who best to manage it is no easy task. This paper is designed to help you measure different potential cloud providers and find the one best suited to your organization.

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Email Filtering Solution

E.F.A. stands for Email Filter Appliance, and is born out of a need for a cost-effective email virus & spam scanning solution after the ESVA project died. The idea about E.F.A is to create a (virtual) appliance for spam fighting using Open Sourcetools.

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What's so great about SSD's anyway?

Running high performance applications can take a big bite out of bandwidth and creates IOPs overhead. Data storage management of massive disk arrays is a huge task even with the best and most efficient tools.

Evolving DDoS Attacks- Are you safe?

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are constantly changing. While the objective is still to cause a service outage, attacks and attackers are becoming more sophisticated. Motivations for attacks are increasingly financial

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Cloud Myths

Cloud does not save up on any cost? FACT: Contrary to the common belief; one of the main benefits of cloud computing is massive cost savings. You forgo hefty initial capital expenditure (CAPEX), move to an operational expenditure (OPEX) model.

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