Your Ideas. Our Cloud.

At RapidCompute, we understand startups inside out. After all, we were once a startup too. We recognize the needs of any new business; from technical assistance to the need for infrastructure, from triple checking your code to the exciting preparations for a tech demos. We understand that this could be a life changing moment, which is why we’re here to give back to the community and help your idea achieve the scale it needs to reach its potential.

An ambitious startup will need the right team of experts and professionals. RapidCompute is here to give you just that. We want to empower startups at every stage of their journey which is why we know simply infrastructure is not enough. Our team of experienced engineers and development managers are committed to providing you with free of cost guidance and assistance to help tune your applications to their full potential.

What do startups need?

Limit upfront capital costs
Ability to scale on demand
Better ability to match revenue with expenses
Get to market quicker

Why Cloud

The cloud offers the flexibility, agility and security required by SMEs at a modest price. The resources that once were limited only to large enterprises are now conveniently accessible as well as affordable.

Why Rapid?

StartSmart™ also gives you the flexibility to purchase services with the scale you need, when you need them. Our pay-as-you-go model ensures you’re only paying for what you consume. Furthermore, since we know how lean a startup can be HR wise, each StartSmart member gets free of cost migration services onto the cloud. Being part of the Cybernet group, StartSmart™ members can get special discounts and services for cutting edge voice and broadband services via NGN, StormFiber and National Broadband.To find out more about how we can help your Startup grow and achieve its potential, email us [email protected]