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Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are continuously shifting. The main aim of these attacks is to cause a service breakdown and these days, attacks and attackers are getting more complex. Motivations for attacks are increasingly political or financial—with major consequences for the intended victims.

The sheer complexity and volume for these attacks make it difficult for conventional network firewalls to do their jobs. These firewalls are useless at defending multi-layer attacks as they do not have the understanding of the incoming traffic.

Previously, DDoS attacks concentrated on layers 3-4, and network firewalls had the ability to provide an elementary line of defense. Attackers in response to that are moving up the stack and now aim at using SSL and application-layer attacks to overwhelm resources.

Hence, to combat these large scale attacks, cloud-based scrubbing services have been developed.

Protect Layers

Protect all layers—Get DDoS security at all layers: network, DNS, SSL, and application. Protect not only protocols (including UDP, TCP, SIP, DNS, HTTP, and SSL) but also applications.

Protect Against DDoS

Protect against the largest DDoS attacks with the globally distributed network and our partners’ large dedicated network capacity

Reduce Downtime

Reduce downtime and business risk with fast and effective mitigation of DDoS attacks backed by industry-leading time-to-mitigate SLAs

Respond to Attacks

Respond to the most sophisticated attacks with our partner’s dedicated and highly experienced SOC staff

Reduce Cost

Reduce costs associated with DDoS protection by leveraging the globally distributed cloud security platforms

Key Capabilities

RapidCompute provides organizations with dynamic protection against a broad range of potential DDoS attack types, regardless of complexity, and even as they change over the course of an attack. This includes both network-layer DDoS attacks, such as UDP and SYN floods, as well as application-layer DDoS attacks, such as HTTP GET and POST floods.

By routing network traffic through RapidCompute, organizations can protect entire IP subnets, including all web- and IP-based applications within those subnets, any supporting network and data center infrastructure and the network bandwidth into their data center

Akamai’s network includes sixglobally distributed scrubbing centers with more than 2Tbps of dedicated network bandwidth today. Scrubbing centers are located in Ashburn, VA (USA), San Jose, CA(USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Hong Kong (China), Tokyo (Japan), and London (UK).

RapidComputeis a fully managed securityservice to help organizations respond to the threat of DDoS attacks. Akamai personnel perform real-time analysis of ongoing attacks and provide the ability to adapt to changing attack vectors and multi-dimensional threats.

Akamai’s 24×7 SOC provides global coverage for organizations around the world. In addition to detecting and mitigating developing attacks, Akamai SOC staff communicates and coordinates with organizations’ onsite staff and troubleshoots any abnormalities.

With trained security expertsdedicated to and highly experienced at mitigating a broad range of DDoS attacks, RapidComputereduces the business risk and financial cost through its industry-leading time-to-mitigate SLAs