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Ultra-Responsive And Highly Available.

Seamlessly display rich, dynamic and high quality content to your customers at all times.
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E-commerce websites can be very demanding with thousands of customers accessing the website every minute and with rich, dynamic and high quality content being displayed to the user all the time. Since these visitors are potential buyers and reflect a possible revenue stream, it is all the more important to have a website that is reliable and runs efficiently a 100% of the time to give the customer the best experience possible.

Ultra Responsive

Your site hosted on RapidCompute is ultra-responsive and highly available.

The Cloud Advantage

No more noisy neighbors or other issues associated with traditional shared hosting or Virtual private servers.

Highly Scalable

With cloud comes scalability. No more worrying about your servers lagging.

Managed Services

Our experts have deep knowledge of fine tuning deployments for the optimal performance and reliability.


Our highly trained support staffs are always available to provide the best in class technical support.


With multiple datacenters you can count on us for the reliability and availability of your website.