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Data centers are designed for continuous ICT operations. Today, customers on our Cloud invariably rely on IT equipment and its underlying software for almost all of their daily activities such as communication, storage, navigation, security, and finance. This is why our data centers are classified as Mission Critical facilities.

At RapidCompute we know our customers expect best in class performance, up-time and reliability. With customer workloads becoming increasingly resource hungry and complex, RapidCompute’s engineering team has been working with its partners and customers to deliver a state of the art infrastructure. Our latest PODs available in Lahore and Karachi (LHR01 and KHI03 on RC Portal) are built using the latest generation Intel processors and the fastest data center networking available.

10 Gigabit SDN Switching

RapidCompute, in partnership with Cumulus Networks and Dell Technologies, has been investing in latest generation software defined network (SDN) setup.

RapidCompute’s latest Intel v4 powered instances coupled with 10Gbps networking gives customers unprecedented performance and reliability

Our customers can now experience up to20Gbps of throughput on the compute nodes with 40 and 100 Gbps core switch interconnects. This high performance network allows virtual machines to have consistently greater throughput and packets per second (PPS), lower latency, reduced jitter and buffering. Applications such as in-memory databases, VoIP applications and general inter-instance network transfers are greatly sped up increasing application responsiveness.

10 gigabit switching

The Best Intel Processors

The Intel Xeon E5-2600 V4 family is designed for Cloud Service Providers looking to offer high core count and core speeds to their customers. The new Broadwell architecture on which the V4 chips are built, is reputed to be 28% faster than the previous generations for SAP workloads.

These new chips are intended to speed up and secure mission critical hosted applications such as Oracle EBS, SAP HANA, In-Memory databases, analytics and OLTP among others. With the availability of these new processors in select RapidCompute datacenters, high memory instances (up to 256 GB) and high-CPU instances (up to 20 cores) are available for customers to run the most demanding workloads.