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Our simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with zero complications.
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RapidCompute provides you with load-balanced, flexible and resilient VMs for a scalable range of computing options you can tailor to match your needs. Whether you want to deploy your existing VMs or start creating a new one; we can provide you with the right infrastructure to get going.

Our simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with zero complications. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you decide what to run on our computing environment. The time required to obtain and boot new server instances as well as upgrading or downgrading specs is reduced to merely minutes, allowing you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.

Our virtual servers change the economics of computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use for only the amount of time that you use it. Needless to say these computes servers are powered by the latest cutting edge hardware to give you the best performance possible.

High Performance, Scalable Machines
Automatic Scaling
Secure and Certified Platform
Accelerated Computing
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Linux and Windows Platforms



Virtual MachineCoresRAMBandwidth (Mbps)Price ($)
RC-2G12 GB5116.14/mo
RC-4G24 GB5210.28/mo
RC-4G-HiMem28 GB5258.28/mo
RC-6G36 GB5302.42/mo
RC-8G48 GB5398.56/mo
RC-8G-HiMem416 GB5478.56/mo
RC-10G510 GB5490.7/mo
RC-12G612 GB10584.84/mo
RC-12G-HiMem624 GB10681/mo
RC-16G816 GB10775.12/mo
RC-16G-HiMem832 GB10903.12/mo
RC-20G1020 GB10963.4/mo
RC-8C-48G848 GB101095/mo
RC-24G1224 GB151169.68/mo
RC-24C-96G2496 GB152550/mo
RC-30C-128G30128 GB153260/mo
RC-32G1632 GB151450/mo
RC-32G-Himem1664 GB151800/mo


Virtual MachineCoresRAMBandwidth (Mbps)Price ($)
RC-2G12 GB50.156/ho
RC-4G24 GB50.283/ho
RC-4G-HiMem28 GB50.347/ho
RC-6G36 GB50.406/ho
RC-8G48 GB50.536/ho
RC-8G-HiMem416 GB50.643/ho
RC-10G510 GB50.660/ho
RC-12G612 GB100.786/ho
RC-12G-HiMem624 GB100.915/ho
RC-16G816 GB101.042/ho
RC-16G-HiMem832 GB101.214/ho
RC-20G1020 GB101.295/ho
RC-8C-48G848 GB101.472/ho
RC-24G1224 GB151.572/ho
RC-24C-96G2496 GB153.427/ho
RC-30C-128G30128 GB154.382/ho
RC-32G1632 GB151.949/ho
RC-32G-Himem1664 GB152.419/ho


Virtual MachineCoresRAMBandwidth (Mbps)Price ($)
RC-2G12 GB596.14/mo
RC-4G24 GB5170.28/mo
RC-4G-HiMem28 GB5218.28/mo
RC-6G36 GB5242.42/mo
RC-8G48 GB5318.56/mo
RC-8G-HiMem416 GB5398.56/mo
RC-10G510 GB5390.7/mo
RC-12G612 GB10464.84/mo
RC-12G-HiMem624 GB10560.84/mo
RC-14G714 GB10538.98/mo
RC-16G816 GB10615.12/mo
RC-16G-HiMem832 GB10743.12/mo
RC-20G1020 GB10763.4/mo
RC-8C-64G864 GB101170/mo
RC-16C-64GB1664 GB101487/mo
RC-16C-120GB16120 GB102638/mo
RC-24G1224 GB15929.68/mo
RC-24C-96G2496 GB152000/mo
RC-30C-128G30128 GB152800/mo
RC-32G1632 GB151200/mo
RC-32G-Himem1664 GB151487/mo
RC-64G3264 GB152460.48/mo


Virtual MachineCoresRAMBandwidth (Mbps)Price ($)
RC-2G12 GB50.129/ho
RC-4G24 GB50.229/ho
RC-4G-HiMem28 GB50.293/ho
RC-6G36 GB50.326/ho
RC-8G48 GB50.428/ho
RC-8G-HiMem416 GB50.536/ho
RC-10G510 GB50.525/ho
RC-12G612 GB100.625/ho
RC-12G-HiMem624 GB100.754/ho
RC-14G714 GB100.724/ho
RC-16G816 GB100.827/ho
RC-16G-HiMem832 GB100.999/ho
RC-20G1020 GB101.026/ho
RC-8C-64G864 GB101.573/ho
RC-16C-64GB1664 GB101.999/ho
RC-16C-120GB16120 GB103.546/ho
RC-24G1224 GB151.250/ho
RC-24C-96G2496 GB152.688/ho
RC-30C-128G30128 GB153.763/ho
RC-32G1632 GB151.613/ho
RC-32G-Himem1664 GB151.999/ho
RC-64G3264 GB153.307/ho