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Send your emails safely and securely while also enjoying the benefits of mailbox queing, saving and downloading at a leter time.
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The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) carries the electronic mail of the world. This solution provided by RapidCompute, is completely independent of the user’s email client and sends email directly to or from an SMTP Server.

Without it, your emails would go nowhere.

Availing this service means that in a multi-user environment, you only have to setup your email settings once on the server, and then no matter how many changes there are to the window’s versions or the workstation’s email clients, your application keeps working.


Feedback Loop Management
Unlimited Sender Quota
IP Reputation Management
Two Dedicated IPs for Email Delivery
FCrDNS to prevent email rejection
IP-based authentication for up to 100 IP addresses
Customizable anti-spam and antivirus settings
Customizable mail and attachment size
Logs availablity of up to 90 days for all emails
Proactive tuning of spam filters to prevent outbound spam
Advice on optimizing customers outbound email setup
Automatic removal of hard bounces to prevent blacklisting
Domain Reputation management using Yahoo! Domain Keys, DKIM and SPF
Proactive reports on spam generating from the client and ways to handle it
Priority help desk and access to a highly experienced technical team
Monthly and customizable reports available on customers request