Managed DR Services

Benefit of a Fully Functioning DR. Fraction of the Cost.

Access to our cloud experts to plan and deploy a DR plan to best suit your requirements.
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Disaster Recovery on Rapidcompute

Are you prepared for an unforeseen disaster? In today’s highly competitive and performance driven business environments, a failure to provide the required services at the right time can mean the difference between winning new business and losing your existing one. With RapidCompute’s specialized expertise in disaster recovery planning and setup; we will help tailor the perfect DR solution for you that’s both highly reliable and cost effective. With the inherent benefits of DR in cloud, even smaller enterprises, otherwise not able to justify the cost of having a full-fledged DR setup, are reaping the benefits of having a fully functional and dependable DR setup in cloud at a fraction of the cost.

Information Security

Since we are a ISO 27001:2005 security certified service provider, we put information security at the forefront of all our solutions. Following strict ISO specifications, we make sure that we follow the best practices for Information security so that you can count on us for the security and integrity of your valuable data.

Extensive Portfolio

We are privileged to have successfully implemented numerous complex scenarios specifically tailored to our customer’s needs, following world class best practices and standards. E-banking systems, large scale ERP deployments, multi-site database replication / failover systems and large scale load balanced hosted applications are just of few of the deployments on our cloud.

Reliability and Availability

With data centers located in different regions, our customers can choose an appropriate data center to house their DR and have the option to distribute DR load over various regions for additional resiliency. Our data centers are inter-linked via Multi Gigabit Fiber links providing high speed replication and failover capabilities. The entire infrastructure for Rapid Compute has been designed grounds up with high availability and reliability as the prime target such that there are no single points of failure within our infrastructure.


One of the biggest advantages of having a local public cloud provider is the reduced latency time when accessing your DR infrastructure on cloud. Latency times are drastically cut down when compared to international hosting as all Rapid Compute infrastructure is sourced in the country and connected to secure Multi Gigabit Access with redundancy, giving you reliable and speedy access to your infrastructure.