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Is Your Email Solution Making You Work Overtime?

With RapidMail, we won’t give you useful pointers on how to manage your mail reputation or avoid mail rejections. We will just go ahead and fix it for you so you can concentrate on your business. With over 12 years of hosting experience and a customer portfolio to be proud of,you can count on us for a solution ‘that just works!’So whether it’s our custom written filters to block 99% of spam to your inbox, or our continued efforts to maintain the highest reputation for your domain. You can be assured that our engineers are always up to the task to bring the best features to you.

Monitoring and Reporting

We put active monitoring and reporting capabilities at the fingertips of our customers giving them more control and overall awareness of their system. Some of the value added features of RapidMail include: detailed reports, activity graphs and, feature-rich administration and monitoring tools.

Reliable Delivery

With state of the art infrastructure purpose built with redundancy in resiliency in mind, you can be assured that your mails are handled with great care and all necessary steps are taken on your behalf for its reliable delivery.


The authenticity and security of your mails are of prime importance to protect your intellectual property and guard against threats such as spoofing and scams using your domain name.

Spam and Virus Protection

Dealing with spam and viruses can be a daunting taskgiven the ever increasing volume and complexity of these threats. RapidMail comes well equipped with tools and features to help your administrators define the best suitable policies, blocking most malicious traffic.