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Leverage our partnership with Cloudflare and go beyond a traditional content delivery network.
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We cache static content, accelerate dynamic content and make it easy to optimize outbound content. Cloudflare goes beyond a traditional content delivery network (CDN) both locating your content closer to your site’s visitors but optimizing it for their device, browser and bandwidth needs. Static content caching: Cloudflare’s technology builds the cache for you based on your traffic and what objects on your site are safe to serve. Use Page Rules to customize on a page-by-page basis and single file purge when you need to refresh your content quickly. Dynamic content acceleration — Railgun. Railgun is a WAN optimization service that ensures the connection between your origin server and the Cloudflare network is lightning fast. It achieves up to a 99.6% compression ratio by only sending the differences between subsequent dynamic requests. No content markup, configuration or code changes required!