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Teleport™ is the most convenient and efficient extension of the RapidCompute cloud, bringing the agility, rich feature-set and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to your data center. Whether its on-premises or a co-location space, businesses can now create modern applications across hybrid cloud environments, balancing flexibility and control using the same hardware, APIs, tools and functionality.

RapidCompute Teleport™ is best suited to support workloads that need to remain on-premises to fulfill requirements of low latency, local data processing and regulatory and policy compliance. This solution will enable customers to avail all RapidCompute IaaS tool sets, administrative experiences, services and support while operating on-premises. The RapidCompute cloud and Teleport™ will also receive simultaneous periodic rollouts and updates so the customer is free from the hassle of patch updates, operations and day to day management.

The Teleport™ stack consists of 3 main components: 1) Compute 2) Storage 3) Connectivity


Run RapidCompute Infrsatructure on premises


Configure and order Teleport from RapidCompute


Connect Teleport to your local network and power


Use your custom console to launch Teleport on premises


Run and build applications using RapidCompute services and support

Technical Specification

Regulatory Requirements:

Customers can develop and deploy applications on RapidCompute with full flexibility to deploy them on-premises via Teleport to meet regulatory or policy requirements, without any changes in code. This is most relevant for audits, compliance and regulatory requirements.

On-premises cloud application model:

Customers can use RapidCompute containers, and microservice architectures to extend or upgrade standing applications or create new ones. They can use consistent DevOps processes across the RapidCompute cloud and Teleport on-premises.

Our Features

Intuitive Self Service Portal

Regions, Services, Plans and Offers

Identity Role Management

RapidCompute Services Available on Premises

Integrated Delivery Experiences

One Ecosystem

Consistent Application Development

How It Works

Application Resources

Virtual Machine
(Windows & Linux)


Virtual Networks

Service Fabric

End User Experience

RapidCompute Portal API

Unified App Model

RapidCompute Management Stack

Service Delivery Framework

Services (IaaS & PaaS) One Click Apps

Cloud Infrastructre

Operational Management & Hardware