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Optimise performance for data warehousing related applications.


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At RapidCompute™, we give you the confidence to take the next step to HANA with ease and with the kind of support you expect for your organization.
HANA stands for High Performance Analytical Appliance and is a SAP in-memory, column-based appliance to optimize performance for business intelligence and data warehousing applications.

This is fast becoming the standard SAP application with hundreds of companies around the world migrating to the new system every day. With the advent of HANA, RAM intensive workloads saw a new age and the hardware requirements for on-premise deployments became costly and cumbersome.

With our custom designed cloud setup specifically built for SAP HANA, workloads can easily provide the heavy memory infrastructure needed to run SAP HANA in the most efficient, seamless and cost effective way possible. Plus, our pay as you go billing model can help further reduce costs and increase project ROI tremendously.