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An all-flash array is a solid state storage disk system that contains multiple flash memory drives instead of spinning hard disk drives.
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Explosive data growth has made managing storage difficult. Running high performance applications can take a big bite out of bandwidth and creates IOPs overhead. Data storage management of massive disk arrays is a huge task even with the best and most efficient tools.

As data grows, the number of systems multiplies. The result is a jumble of overlapping, redundant systems

With increasing data volume and complexity, internally maintaining data in the current system becomes a daunting challenge. In these situations nothing can compare to the performance of self-healing all-flash disk arrays with built in, preventive maintenance. RapidCompute’s latest offering is its All Flash Arrays – available as SSD volumes that are designed to provide more than enough performance for a broad set of workloads, all at a low cost. When you make use of the all-flash storage array on the RapidCompute Cloud, you optimize application performance across all your IT resources and accelerate IT service delivery. The SSD volumes run on industry standard enterprise grade MLC architecture with longer write duration, sustained throughput on over 90% space utilization and automated failure and degradation management
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What is so great about SSDs anyway?

Applications that use the SSD volumes experience high IOPs, more throughput and great responsiveness. In the longer run, IT managers using flash array storage on cloud can further move resources away from low value, low margin assignments that involve “babysitting storage”. Business needs are the priority and resources must stay focused on initiatives for innovation and agility.

If you are running IO sensitive applications such as BI tools, analytics, OLTP and any use case that requires low latency IO throughput, we recommend that you give the SSD volumes available on the SSD storage offers customers 10x more IOPS, 1/10th the latency, and more bandwidth and consistent performance

The SSD volumes are also available in select DCs and are billed for the allocated size. It’s possible to mix multiple performance enhanced and SSD volumes to create a hybrid storage architecture for high performance and cost effective design.

Advantages of having an all flash array storage

  • Benefit of a single console to set up, maintain, and measure performance
  • Enhance performance and responsiveness of your application
  • Prevent spikes in latency as more users access the data
  • Unprecedented data mobility speeds allow data to be shared and accessed across functions
  • Facilitation of faster, even real time, analytics that can create new decision-making power and business opportunities
  • Speeding up time-to-market for data-driven businesses and providing faster, better service to users