RapidCompute Partners with CodeGirls to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

RapidCompute Partners with CodeGirls to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

RapidCompute, Pakistan’s largest enterprise-class cloud computing platform, has partnered with CodeGirls, providing their graduates with paid internships leading to a potential full-term employment opportunity to work on the major cloud platform in the country. These talented young women will be part of the software team working to develop the company’s cutting edge local stack and applications.

The partnership aims to provide young women with specialized skills and experiences and to encourage more women to build their careers in the technology sector. Mr. Imran Khan, Co-founder and MD RapidCompute, shared:

At RapidCompute, we focus on strengths of our employees. We empower and invest in our recruits and take great interest in their development. We have always valued the contributions of our diverse workforce in growing our organization to where it is today. We are proud to have a team of prolific female technophiles running every integral part of this massive complex machinery. From Software to Engineering; from QA to Marketing, from Infosec to Customer Services.

With increasing digitization, the role of technology in making our everyday lives easier has been on the rise. Research shows the IT/ITeS sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors of Pakistan and it is essential for the progress of this nation that our youth acquires knowledge and expertise in this field.

Unfortunately, there exists a wide gender gap in this field, and bridging this gap in technology has the power to change lives as it can provide access to a whole new world of opportunities for both women and young girls.

Insiya Tejani, HR Business Partner at RapidCompute, added:

We realize that bridging the wide gender gap in this sector has the power to create a meaningful impact and thus being inclusive is one of the top items on our agenda. Recognizing our role in empowering women and fostering local talent, we will ensure that this internship is an enriching experience for all the candidates, both in terms of knowledge and technical expertise. We look forward to working with fresh talent from such diverse backgrounds.

CodeGirls is an initiative by Consulnet Corporation, established in partnership with United Global Initiative and WomenTechPk. They aim to empower women in the IT sector by not only providing them with technical skillset, but also cultivating a business mindset. They enroll 220 women every four months in their boot camp to bring them closer to realizing their true potential.

Shamim Rajani, the founder of the program stated:

It is an accepted fact that Technology has the fastest-growing career path. CodeGirls came into being with the initiative to train girls in the latest technology stacks and convert them into market-fit talent. This would not only improve financial inclusion and make them an equalizer in the family; it would also help to mitigate the diversity gap in the IT Sector.

The program has so far placed 90+ graduates in paid positions both in Pakistan and with companies in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Faiza Yousuf, co-founder of CodeGirls added:

“Shamim and I both have built our careers in the tech ecosystem, so our intimate knowledge of the industry and our network are the biggest strengths of CodeGirls. We like to collaborate and create synergies to expand and improve our program and we are really excited about our partnership with RapidCompute.”

RapidCompute’s employees work with the latest technologies in computer networks, cloud computing, and building a successful business from the ground up. Hence, it continues to be one of the largest providers of cloud services to the government, financial sector, and large scale enterprises.

They have multiple data centers in Karachi and Lahore and are fully committed to providing a truly secure cloud experience to all Pakistani organizations.

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