RapidCompute Reports Record Growth In Cloud Adoption During Coronavirus Lockdown

RapidCompute Reports Record Growth In Cloud Adoption During Coronavirus Lockdown

RapidCompute, Pakistan’s largest indigenous Enterprise-class cloud computing platform, has reported record growth of cloud services during the Coronavirus lockdown period. As per a company representative, enterprise cloud adoption has accelerated significantly during the lockdown which has led to the large number of enterprise customers looking to digitize themselves for the new normal.

As organizations continue to face operational difficulties of the ongoing pandemic, many have expedited the adoption of digital tools and methods, in particular the cloud, to stay engaged with employees and customers.

Ali Raza, Commercial Head RapidCompute commented,

During the WFH period and economic slowdown, companies were quick to identify the gaps in their digital strategy and used this downtime to plan and swiftly implement the changes to come out stronger. This scenario caused organizations worldwide to make core infrastructure changes to the way their employees accessed their systems and critical data. Here, the cloud has been their savior by helping them transition swiftly and cost-effectively, with minimal lead time. In fact, research shows 66% of organizations have ramped up the use of cloud during this time.

Brand Manager, Saroosh Zahid added,

When the pandemic hit, we had an idea which industry segments would pivot to take advantage of the situation. Which is why we focused on creating awareness among e-commerce players, retail organizations, and in particular, Fintechs. We have also seen an exceptional number of startups signup for our StartSmart™ program which offers FOC and extremely subsidized infrastructure to startups placed in various incubators and accelerators across the country.

Cloud adoption has seen steady growth in Pakistan in the past few years, and this growth is set to accelerate as International players enter the region; increasing awareness of the technology. With tightening regulations around data security and data localization, local cloud providers are being looked up to for scaling dramatically and reliably to fulfill massive, unplanned-for demand.

It has been extremely heartening to see how organizations have taken the initiative to digitize themselves quickly and efficiently during the past few months, leveraging the power of the cloud to ensure business continuity. The most interesting areas of engagement for RapidCompute have been the financial sector, and Fintechs in general, e-commerce players, and some phenomenal e-government deployments. We have been serving our customers for almost a decade now and that trust in our services gives them the assurance to experiment and execute.

Imran Khan, Managing Director and Co-Founder RapidCompute, stated.

The need for stronger security controls due to more exposed assets has also created an increased demand for their security services suite- Titanium™, which offers essential services such as SIEM, DDoS mitigation, threat management, penetration testing, WAF and more.

RapidCompute continues to be one of the largest providers of cloud services to the government, financial sector, and large scale enterprises. It is currently the only GDPR compliant cloud provider in Pakistan. The company had also announced free access to its cloud services to aid government and health researches that are working to combat the coronavirus, as well as for educational institutions that are working to provide remote learning solutions.

Reference Link: https://propakistani.pk/2020/08/13/rapidcompute-reports-record-growth-in-cloud-adoption-during-coronavirus-lockdown/?fbclid=IwAR3Ao5tMceWFMD3aagdfGKSA4jBmpFvJoc4aLPGYfIviPptPSAk1ww0Iv0Y

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