Titanium SOC As A Service

Pakistan’s First Hosted SOC Solution

In today’s world where Cyber Threats and Attacks are exponentially taking over the traditional ones (both, in terms of the frequency of attacks and the extent of damage done), Pakistan is no stranger to the changing dynamics - and advanced collaborated Cyber Security Operations Center is not only the need but also the necessity of organizations of all sizes and scopes. Yet, the greatest dilemma of this nation is that most companies need the awareness and understanding integral to make their cyber security operations succeed and the efforts in this domain so far have been so segregated that the community wide learning needed to accelerate the cyber security success of this nation as a whole was still a need. Thus from the house of Cybernet, this nation’s premium connectivity solutions provider, and RapidCompute, the largest enterprise cloud service provider, we bring Titanium – Pakistan’s first Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Titanium is a SOC built on the collaboration between our human intelligence, local understanding of threat vectors and international best practices and technology – combined to help you develop and implement proactive cyber security strategy, prepare you for the known and zero-day threat vulnerabilities and equip you to minimize the time to detect and respond threats that arise. Titanium is your partner in Strategic Security – determined to make your operations succeed and to ensure that you and your operations always benefit from the society’s expertise.

Titanium Incident Response and Threat Life Cycle Management

  • Helps you collaborate with global security intelligence community
  • Gives you rapid time to value
  • Assists with incident response
  • Offers SOC in convenient Pay as you Grow model
  • Provides immediate access to latest features
  • Maximize your security team’s efficiency

Titanium’s Incident Response and Threat Lifecycle Management puts you ahead of your attackers by providing end-to-end security workflow that combines people, processes and technology needed for your SOC. It begins by illuminating potential avenues of risks & preparing you to handle them, equipping you with the ability to see both broadly across and deeply within your environments; moves on to quickly identify any anomalies, qualify whether or not they are threats and mitigating threats; it ends with recovering from security incidents and applying lessons learned to prevent such incidents in future.

Titanium Incident Response Management

Threat Lifecycle Management

Titanium – powered by Logrhythm, provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of services to keep your assets and information safe and secure.
1-Titanium Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM)

Threat Lifecycle Management puts you ahead of your attackers by providing end-to-end security workflow that combines people, processes and technology. It begins with the ability to see both broadly across and deeply within your IT environment and ends with the ability to quickly mitigate and recover from security incident. Detection and response are used to compliment prevention. TLM can help you overcome resource constraints to develop a capable and formidable security operations center in support of monitoring, detection and response.

Intrusion detection

Our partner in SIEM, Logrhythm, has pre-built 900+ correlation rules and 1200+ reports out of the box. Apart from this, we can configure further scenarios to develop your customized solution.

Log monitoring and reporting

Our SIEM collects and analyzes application and operating system level logs and keeps track of hardware using ‘heartbeats’. The reporting is so user friendly that you can easily retrieve actionable intel out of it in time.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Our AI engine uses advanced correlation rules to detect breaches that might escape regular protection mechanisms.

Threat intelligence incorporated

We have been a primary source of Pakistani Threat Intelligence since the inception of Rapidcompute 7 years ago and today, we incorporate all of our learnings in the SIEM solution for your protection.

Anomaly based detection mechanism

This technique is used to detect zero day attacks. System learns the behavior of the organization and watches out for any anomalies in the system that might indicate a breach.

File Integrity Monitoring

Know exactly which user READ, MODIFIED, ADDED or DELETED critical files, at what time and from which host.

Registry integrity monitoring

Know exactly which user made changes to the registry, at what time and from which host.

NextGen SIEM

Titanium offers NextGen SIEM in partnership with world leader Logrhythm and is the first hosted Managed Security Service Provider of this nation.

Network monitoring

Used for deep packet analysis of your network.

Smart response and orchestration

Smart response is use to mitigate mean time to respond, contain the breach and prevent it from reaching the target.

24/7 monitoring by our SOC team

Our SOC team monitors your security 24/7 and notifies you when there is a breach.

Behavior profiling and advanced analytics

The Artificial Intelligence Engine learns the profile of every user to correlate events and identify anomalies.

If you need help in rethinking your risk, and want our team to design a custom solution that best suits your needs, get in touch with Titanium’s team at [email protected]