Titanium Threat Intelligence

The New Approach To Cyber Security

In today’s modern era the cyber threat landscape is constantly changing. It has become increasingly easy for non-technical users to launch cyberattacks using premade toolkits that can be downloaded online for free or at a very small cost. Combining this with the ease of availability of online resources like YouTube, opening doors to thousands of attacking options for millions of willing users out there. Keeping up with all of this is a full-time job & relying on the traditional cybersecurity approach to protect your information is not an option. This gives rise to a need of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Cyber Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge of the capabilities of internal and external threat actors. This includes the details of the motivations, intent, and capabilities of internal and external threat actors, specifics on the tactics, techniques, and procedures of these adversaries. The primary purpose of threat intelligence is to pro-actively inform business decisions regarding the risks and implications associated with threats.


The benefit of threat intelligence is that it's a proactive security measure, preventing data breaches and saving you the financial costs of cleaning up after an incident. Its purpose is to give companies an in-depth understanding of the threats that pose the greatest risk to their infrastructure and tell them what they can do to protect their business. All information is actionable and provide support to the organization.

It’s better to light the candle than to curse the darkness. Hence, Cyber Threat Intelligence helps you in taking the right decisions for your business by illuminating the risk landscape from the unknown unknowns to known knowns.

Possibly the biggest benefit of threat intelligence is that it provides you with a proactive defense, ensuring you are able to protect yourself before you incur any damage (costs). It can also help you figure out if you've already been breached by using indicators of compromise (IOCs) that determine if your systems have been infected by malware. The longer a piece of malware remains undetected on a system, the more information it will steal and the more it will cost in the long run.

Titanium being this nation's first MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) and RapidCompute being the largest Cloud Service Provider of Pakistan, utilize internationally known threat intelligence feeds, combine them with deep technical knowledge & experience to give you the actionable information to protect your business from adversaries.

Why choose Titanium?

  • A combination of localized and international threat intel
  • Helps you reveal the unknown unknowns
  • Bridges the gap between local and international implementations.
  • Keeps you hassle free, providing simple & relevant information to act upon.