Titanium Unified Security

The New Frontier Of Security

Titanium offers premium class security products that help you meet your policy, regulatory, and business requirements
NextGen Penetration Testing

Our security engineers will use the most advanced attacking vectors and world class penetration testing methodologies to test your systems before any antagonists get hold of them.

Web Application Firewall

Protect internet-facing websites, internal business-critical applications and Web Services against fraud or data theft blocking any suspicious activity.

User Awareness Training

Company-wide security awareness trainings that provide a solid understanding of company security policy, procedure and best practices.

Forensic Analysis

The aim is to generate a trail of events, discover and analyze patterns of fraudulent activities occurring in your system and take actions against it accordingly.

CIS Hardened Images

Bring secure configurations of the CIS Benchmarks through the cloud. These are securely configured to meet guidelines and consensus-based recommendations developed with international cyber security experts.

PCI ASV Scanning

Security services and tools to conduct external vulnerability scanning services to validate adherence with the external scanning requirements of PCI DSS Requirements.

Network Monitor

Deep Packet Analysis of the activity in your network. Enable faster threat detection and bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of incident response in your organization.

DDoS Mitigation

Strategic partnership with global leading DDoS solution providers, Akamai and DOSarrest, allows us to provide comprehensive protection against the broadest range of DDoS attack types, well before they reach the data center.