Our Infrastructure

Modern Infrastructure For Best Performance

RapidCompute offers a high performing, standards-based, flexible and robust
cloud solution to power your Mission Critical applications
Capable Cloud Solution

RapidCompute offers a high performing, standards-based, flexible and robust cloud solution. It is our core belief that provisioning and managing virtual machines should be a familiar and easy process

Operational Efficiency

With our intuitive customer portal, customers can comfortably operate and manage their RapidMachines, quickly scale up and down as per their business needs and get the true cloud experience.

What we do best

At RapidCompute, we want to help your company swing that spending balance. We help you simplify your IT atmosphere so that you can free up time, money, manpower and resources to invest in innovation and do what you do best.

Cutting Edge Solutions

We develop IT solutions that take our clients into a new age, that we feel is only just beginning.The average company spends about three-quarters of its IT budget on integration, maintenance, and routine tasks. That leaves only 25 percent to invest in innovation.

Flexibility and Efficiency

The infrastructure behind RapidCompute has been set up by our engineers keeping in mind the needs of today’s businesses. That is why our customers will be able to enjoy the flexibility and efficiency that is required by every enterprise to fully utilize the cloud concept.

Multiple data centers

We have multiple data centers across Pakistan, managed by a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers; RapidCompute is fully committed to providing the right cloud experience to enterprise and other customers alike.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our latest PODs available in Lahore and Karachi (LHR01 and KHI03 on RC Portal) are built using the latest generation Intel processors and the fastest data center networking available.


We know our customers expect best in class performance, up-time and reliability. With customer workloads becoming increasingly resource hungry and complex, RapidCompute’s engineering team has been working with its partners and customers to deliver a state of the art infrastructure.